ExplorerBarXP 2.0: ExplorerBarXP 2.0 ActiveX Control

ExplorerBarXP 2.0

ExplorerBarXP™ is an ActiveX control that accurately emulates the ExplorerBar control found in Microsoft Windows XP. An explorer bar provides a way to display multiple commands or pieces of information to your users, grouped into logical sections. With ExplorerBarXP, your applications can have a modern looking, visually appealing way of presenting choices to your users. Windows XP uses them in Explorer to present options relating to files and folders

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IEBMaker 1.22: IEBMaker build an Internet Explorer bar tailored to your company`s needs.

IEBMaker 1.22

IEBMaker creates Internet Explorer bars. IEBMaker lets you customize and build an Internet Explorer bar tailored to your company`s needs. The software generates a small executable file that you can distribute to your customers. With this executable, your customers can install or uninstall your IE bar onto their systems with ease.

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HTML Quick Edit Bar 1.3: Edit HTML pages 'on the fly' with Internet Explorer.

HTML Quick Edit Bar 1.3

HTML Quick Edit Bar is a freeware toolbar for Microsoft Internet Explorer that allows you to edit the current HTML page within the browser itself (change the font color, size and face, text alignment, etc.). Once edited, HTML Quick Edit Bar allows you to upload the modified page to your web site via FTP. Another feature allows you to examine and manipulate the HTML tree of the current document.

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Skinner 3.1: Change the look and feel of Internet Explorer with a variety of toolbar pictures

Skinner 3.1

Now you can add a beautiful landscape picture to your Internet Explorer toolbars! Skinner automatically downloads pictures(skins) from it`s online gallery, and all you have do is click to apply a new skin. Toolbar preview lets you see what your new skin will look like before applying. You can also select your own skin from any jpg or bmp file, and you can submit your own skin for others to enjoy.

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Add-in Express for Internet Explorer 2010: Develop add-ons for IE 6, 7 and 8, customize IE GUI, access IE objects & events.

Add-in Express for Internet Explorer 2010

Explorer extensibility features in one solution with a strong, easy-to-understand architecture and a lucid interaction model with Internet Explorer objects. With Add-in Express you can: - Develop Internet Explorer browser helper objects (BHO), bars and toolbars in one integrated project or in separate ones. - Customize vertical or horizontal Internet Explorer bars with any .net controls. - Create custom toolbars using any .net controls including

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EZShellExtensionsMFC 2011: Develop any Windows shell extensions fast and painlessly with EZShellExtensions.

EZShellExtensionsMFC 2011

bar bands and IE toolbands and explorer bars. EZShellExtensionsMFC supports fast development of the following shell extensions: Contextmenu extensions including owner drawn menu items -Icon extensions -Overlay icon extensions -Property sheet extensions -Column extensions -Infotip extensions -Thumbnail extensions -Dragdrop context menu extensions -Directory background context menu extensions -Drop extensions -SendTo extensions -Disk Cleanup extensions

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Barcode Generator Software Barcode Generator software making Bar labels images in different shape, fonts.

Barcode Generator Software

barcode values. Some of the main features of Barcode Image Generator are - help to obtain colorful bar images with different shap and size, Increate or Decrease size of Barcode, Barcode value, Barcode Text above Bar images, Text Below Bar images, Bar code Rotations according to need of user also can be done. Barcode Generator can generate Barcode Lable or bar images in more than in 30 fonts. Barcode Lable software can create barcode in several fronts

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Clear All History 6.1: Clear history Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, clear Google history

Clear All History 6.1

Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, MSN Explorer, AOL Explorer, Opera, Mozilla and Netscape. Using Clear All History you can clear browsing history, clear search history, clear Google history, AutoComplete, Address bar history, Temporary Internet Files (Cache), delete stored passwords, cookies, index.dat files, clear Windows History including recent documents and items, delete Windows Temporary files, clear recently run programs list, Windows search

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Advanced Privacy Cleaner Bar 2.0.3: Easily explore and selectively clear all evidence of your Internet activity.

Advanced Privacy Cleaner Bar 2.0.3

Bar (or APCB for short) can easily explore and selectively clean your Internet Explorer History, Cache, Cookies, typed URLs, Run History, Recent Documents, and index.dat files. APCB is a useful Explorer Bar, that can be opened directly in a window through Internet Explorer or Windows Explorer, which give you additional advantage while searching and displaying information. Unlike other standard tools within Internet Explorer or other stand alone programs

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Stock Market for Beginners 1.1: stock market for beginners, free toolbar for Internet Explorer.

Stock Market for Beginners 1.1

Stock market for beginners, free toolbar for Internet Explorer. Get free stock market education for beginners from the Internet Explorer toolbar. It`s very easy to install and uninstall too. Easily reach all the stock market resources you need to trade stocks, futures and FOREX profitably. All directly from your browser toolbar for Internet Explorer. There are free games accessible from your toolbar. It`s very easy to install and uninstall too.

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